Public & Community Health is the science and art for protecting, maintaining and promoting the health of the population. It concerns all the scientifically documented and organized activities of the state and society that aim at the protection and prevention of chronic and infectious diseases, the promotion of health, the increase of life expectancy and the improvement of the quality of life in a healthy, functional and safe environment. . Globally, public & community health is a rapidly evolving scientific field with a distinct epistemological and methodological background and high-priority lines of action aimed at protecting and promoting the health of citizens and social groups (communities).

The Department of Public and Community Health is one of the two Departments of the School of Public Health of the University of West Attica (Articles 57-61 of N.4610 / 2019). The Department of Public and Community Health with a long history and long experience in the training of public health workers aims at high quality modern undergraduate and postgraduate education of students, as well as the promotion of basic and applied research in many innovative public and public health fields.


The Department of Public and Community Health has two directions of study, which operate after the first three joint academic semesters:

  • The Direction of Public Health and
  • The Direction of Community Health


The education of the students of the directions is distinct with a clear targeting and orientation. The curricula of the directions have been formulated, inter alia, on the basis of the guaranteed professional rights of the graduates, but mainly according to the current trends in education in public & community health and the study of curricula with a similar subject in Europe and internationally.

The DKY Department is a large, active and productive Department. In the context of the academic work performed:

  • operates an institutionalized Research Laboratory of Hygiene & Epidemiology that collaborates with reputable research centers at home and abroad and has the scientific responsibility for the implementation of research programs
  • is co-organized with the Laboratory of Hygiene & Epidemiology of the Medical School of Athens & the Department of Psychology of EKPA, the MPS “Health Promotion & Education”.


The purpose of the department is to provide quality education in the field of Public and Community Health. Curriculum attendance provides graduates with the necessary scientific knowledge and skills to enable them to understand and comprehend the complex nature of public and community health issues as well as to take scientifically substantiated action to protect and promote health. of the population and the improvement of the Public Health system of the country.